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UCSF announces the creation of the Kunal Patel UCSF Innovation Fund in support of the Catalyst Program

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Catalyst Awardee Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD, designs and develops novel brain assessment and optimization tools to impact education, wellness, and medical practices. Adam’s team combined MRI and EEG to create the “Glass Brain” to record in real-time what is going on in someone’s brain while they interact with one of his technologies – such as those from the company he co-founded, Akili Interactive.


The Catalyst Program is UCSF’s translational accelerator focused on advancing UCSF discoveries with clinical impact and commercial potential. The Catalyst Program aims to foster academic and industry collaborations as well as enhance education in early translational research and entrepreneurship. 

Catalyst Awards


The centerpiece of the Catalyst Program is the Catalyst Awards, our program that provides both industry advisor mentorship and seed funding to UCSF Principal Investigators with promising projects. The Catalyst Awards are focused on the development of therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, digital health, and biotools.


The UCSF Catalyst Awards Internship Program provides an opportunity to learn about translational research and the process of advancing academic discoveries along the translational path to commercialization and patient benefit. The internship runs parallel to the Catalyst Awards Program and allows the interns to participate in the activities of the Catalyst Awards Program, the review process, and the interactions between the academic researchers and industry experts mentoring the projects along their development.

The program will introduce the interns to entrepreneurship and the industry perspective in evaluating the potential of scientific discoveries to lead to products, including: defining the unmet medical needs being addressed; assessing commercialization potential; opportunity for intellectual property; development feasibility for early-stage ideas; and defining key milestones on the development path. The program is of value to those interested in engaging in translational research and innovation and entrepreneurship in both the academic and industry settings.

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The Catalyst Program Newsletter contains program highlights, success stories, funding resources, and upcoming events and opportunities. 

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Case Studies

Case-based teaching has been extensively used in business schools and offers an advantageous model for bridging the gap between concept and practice. To complement existing classroom training in entrepreneurship on campus, and to offer more flexible and modular learning opportunities to academic translational scientists, Catalyst Program has developed a series of case studies as a part of the online educational curriculum. We identify the best representative cases (many from UCSF) aligned to the core principles of startup business, and interview the founders of these startup companies, in particular the academic innovators. These cases highlight the challenges and real-world lessons learned from academic translational research to commercially viable products.

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Catalyst + Plus

The Catalyst Program expanded to Catalyst + Plus, a new addition that aims to provide additional support to past Catalyst projects with successful progress yet still seeking business advice and/or supplemental funding.

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The Catalyst Program has compiled a list of disease databases, incidence & prevalence figures, core facilities information, as well as other useful links to guide researchers and students through the translation of therapeutic, diagnostic, medical device, digital health, and biotool discoveries to clinical impact.

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Alex Marson's Lab, UCSF 2018

UCSF Thrives on Bold Ideas!

With the UCSF Innovation Ventures InVent Fund, a philanthropic trust to boost the University’s most promising healthcare discoveries, we now have the power to invest in ourselves. UCSF seeks to rewrite the rules on how breakthrough discoveries are developed at our university. Instead of prematurely licensing the rights to our most promising but early findings to industry, we have created a fund to provide financial support, as well as experienced product development mentoring and expertise to a small number of outstanding projects. By supporting and de-risking our most promising projects through translational development, we expect to capture greater value for UCSF and our inventors with the added benefit of building a sustainable program of funding for future innovations.

Current Portfolio

Some of the current healthcare technologies in development are:

  • A novel compound inhibitor to treat fibrotic diseases and potentially cancer
  • Development of novel inhibitors against a validated cancer target
  • Small molecules for treating cytomegalovirus and HSV
  • Humanized potent monoclonal antibodies against murine and human target integrin for cancer immunotherapy and prevention of corneal scarring after cataract surgery
  • Immunotherapy targeting cell surface markers for the treatment of B-cell malignancies
  • In vivo proof of concept of Nurr1 agonists in Parkinson’s Disease
  • Inhibiting PCSK9 to treat atherosclerosis
  • Novel class of HER3 inhibitors
  • Novel enzyme technology for prevention of kidney transplant rejection
  • Percutaneous arteriovenous fistula for hemodialysis access
  • Platform technology to target KRAS mutant cancers using recombinant antibodies
  • Preclinical development of a compound targeting a select pathway for treatment of myc driven cancers
  • Preclinical testing of an optimized antibody
  • Select Integrin inhibitor to mitigate exaggerated smooth muscle contraction in asthma
  • Small molecule inhibitors for treatment of hyperoxaluria and constipation

For more information or follow-up questions directly related to the fund, please click "FAQs" or "Contact" buttons below.

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Make a Gift

To join our visionary donors in supporting the growth of the fund and helping UCSF realize its mission, please contact Associate Vice Chancellor, Michael j. Faber, at (415) 476-2617 or [email protected].


The Entrepreneurship Program

In this era of Covid, the Entrepreneurship Program at UCSF has converted to a global online course, “Entrepreneurship for Life Science/Healthcare Startups:  Master Class Direct from Silicon Valley”.  The course is open to anyone with interest in learning about startups and connecting with the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

(Start Up 101 was) one of the highest value things I did at UCSF.  Stephanie Marrus is inspiring because she provides great ideas, and contacts – and motivates you to live up to her high expectations.

Yug Varma, PhD. Founder/CEO

Phi Therapeutics








The Office of Strategic Alliances develops and manages UCSF's largest industry partnerships. It is our goal to identify mutually beneficial collaborations and strategic partnerships between UCSF and industry, often with the objectives of providing research funding for projects at UCSF and securing a commercial partner suitable for commercializing and developing a product should a new invention arise.

We leverage our extensive internal and external networks to connect the right partners to our PIs, and after a partnership is established, we provide alliance management support to ensure a successful collaboration and identify additional collaborative projects as desired. As scientists by training, we're invested in ensuring that UCSF science has the support it needs to progress, both within the lab and into the clinic.

Please learn more about Our Team below, reach out to the director of our office, Peter Kotsonis, with inquiries, or see below for other information.


UCSF-only INDUSTRY Funding Opportunities


Strategic Alliances in the News


UCSF and BridgeBio Pharma to Accelerate Therapies for Genetic Diseases 


Autobahn Collaboration to Accelerate UCSF Innovation from Bench to Bedside





RAN 2.0 continues successful partnership between UC and Bristol Myers Squibb to develop novel therapies.


GlaxoSmithKline taps UC’s CRISPR expertise to speed drug discovery.






To better understand how we translate your science into commercial products – watch the 5 minute video.

The powerful combination of high quality science, an entrepreneurial culture, and strategic partnerships between UCSF’s researchers and Innovation Ventures Office of Technology Management and Advancement (OTMA) has resulted in an impressive track record of commercial successes. We will work with you to evaluate and grow new ideas, devise a commercialization and intellectual property (IP) plan including formation of a start-up, connect your research with appropriate potential internal and external collaborators, and negotiate suitable licenses with appropriate commercialization partners such as existing companies, venture capitalists or other investors.

An Interview: Leadership in a Post Pandemic Landscape

We're not here to turn researchers into entrepreneurs – we are here to essentially let the researcher understand what it is that the commercial pathway might be and then participate however they like.

Anthony Francis, Executive Director

Office of Technology Management and Advancement

Anthony Francis, Executive Director, Office of Technology Management






Get insights into our role as technology managers for the University, read our interview with Director Anthony Francis about the new role Innovation Ventures is playing to support our faculty's great discoveries.


Services & Programs

Engagement and Opportunity Development 

Engage with Faculty: Working closely with the inventor(s), evaluate technologies and develop  corresponding commercialization plans focusing on new start-up opportunities.

Opportunity Development: Perform market research and actively reach out to a robust network of external partners including business development professionals and venture capitalists (VC) to obtain feedback, raise funding and work together to create a roadmap for developing the technology; 

Grow Your Idea: Planning your next steps to developing a commercially viable product or solution, getting input from industry experts, and identifying gap funding opportunities.

Entrepreneur in Residence Program (EiR):  EiRs offer our academic community the lived experience of the marketplace so that their science can be translated into real-world, commercial opportunities. 

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL): This feedback network is a list of 50+ venture capitalists, pharmaceutical company contacts, entrepreneurs, special area experts and angel investors who's experience and perspectives are available to support UCSF as we seek better market opportunities for our technologies.
Technology Licensing

License the Technology: Negotiating complex and customized agreements such as licenses to existing and significantly funded start-up companies, collaborative research agreements, confidentiality disclosure agreements, and material transfer agreements to enable commercial partnerships.

Market the Technology: Actively reaching out to a robust network of external partners including business development professionals and venture capitalists (VC) to match UCSF’s intellectual property assets with their partnering interests, raise funding and work together to create a roadmap for developing the technology; developing and managing on-going industry relationships.

Facilitate External Collaboration 

Partnering with other UCSF groups to attract and develop partnerships with industry, research foundations, etc. to provide expertise, funding and other resources to further develop technology leading to reduced risk for licensees and increased value for UCSF and inventors.


More information about our strategies and tactics!
FAQs about our office and intellectual property management!

UCSF Technology Commercialization Statistics

Questions or Comments?

Please feel free to reach out to Anthony Francis, Executive Director of Technology Management at [email protected] or 415 813-7978.


QB3 is the University of California’s hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in life science. The institute supports UC researchers and empowers Bay Area entrepreneurs to launch startup companies and partner with industry. With five incubators, two seed-stage venture capital firms, and a special initiative in medical devices — the Rosenman Institute — QB3 helps bio-entrepreneurs create high-value jobs and brings more than $750 million into the Bay Area each year.



  • Entrepreneurship Center

    Facilitates starting companies and exploring entrepreneurship as a career option through courses, mentorship, exposure to investors and at industry conferences. 

  • Office of Technology Management

    Provide a full range of business development capabilities including generation of IP strategy, marketing and establishment and maintenance of licensing and strategic partnerships with companies and VCs based on transformative UCSF innovations

Strategic Partners at UCSF

What We Do

  • Translational Funding
  • Industry Collaboration
  • Translating Science/Commercialization
  • Translational Funding
  • Technology Development
  • Translating Science/Commercialization
  • Start a Company
  • Translating Science/Commercialization
  • Industry Collaboration
  • Start a Company

Our Team

  • Barry Selick, PhD

    Vice Chancellor, Business Development, Innovation and Partnerships

    Prior to joining UCSF, Barry was the CEO of Threshold Pharmaceuticals, a fully integrated oncology drug discovery/clinical development company that he led as CEO from its Series A financing through IPO to its eventual sale in 2017. He was also a Venture Partner at Sofinnova Ventures from June 2002 until July 2007. Prior to Threshold, Barry co-founded and was CEO and Chairman of Camitro, a venture capital backed drug discovery technology...

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  • Anthony Francis

    Executive Director

    Anthony joins Innovation Ventures to lead the Office of Technology Management after an extensive career in technology management and transfer in Australia, most recently as the managing director of GP Partners, a group investing in primary care innovations made through their own accelerator team. Before that, Francis established Flinders Partners at Flinders University where he became managing director of that organization and led it to...

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  • Charles Hart, PhD


    Charles Hart is the director of the Catalyst program. From 2004 to 2017 he was at Threshold Pharmaceuticals and responsible for both in vitro and in vivo preclinical translational studies. He was also project leader for the global clinical development program for the hypoxia-targeted anticancer drug evofosfamide (TH-302), a partnership with Merck KGaA. Prior to joining Threshold, Charles was Senior Director of Biology at...

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  • Peter Kotsonis, PhD

    Executive Director

    Peter is PhD-neuroscientist and drug hunter with 14 years in the pharmaceutical industry, project leader and co-inventor of Ronopterin (VAS203) for traumatic brain injury currently in Phase III clinical development. Peter has experience in academic start-ups (VasoPharm Biotech GmbH) and pharma settings (Novartis Ag and Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co, Ltd). He joined UCSF in 2013, and his responsibilities include driving new partner...

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  • Stephanie Marrus, MBA, MA

    Managing Director

    Stephanie Marrus is the Managing Director, Entrepreneurship. Her mission is to help start companies from UCSF science and technology and to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University. Since joining in 2012, she has developed a robust suite of programs that have contributed to a vibrant entrepreneurial community at UCSF. In addition to heading the Center, she teaches and mentors startups and is Senior Lecturer/Course Director for...

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  • Todd Pazdera, PhD

    Director, Business Development, EOD & Licensing

    I have over 10 years in licensing and business development experience that includes building significant research collaboration and licensing partnerships between academia and the life sciences industry. I also have significant interest and experience in starting venture backed companies based on university technology.

    I did my Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University in the lab of Jon Minden, studying the role of...

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  • Gonzalo Barrera-Hernandez, PhD

    Director, Business Affairs & Strategic Partnerships

    I joined UCSF in 2012, following 12 ½ years at the office of Innovation, Alliances & Services (IAS) (formerly known as the Office of Technology Transfer) at the UC Office of the President, where I was responsible for all IP management and technology licensing matters of a life-sciences portfolio of technologies from several UC campuses.  While at IAS I was also responsible for the first UC System Proof-of-Concept Fund, the UC...

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  • Cammie Edwards, PhD

    Associate Director

    Cammie Edwards, PhD, Program and Alliance Management (ITA), provides a direct interface between UCSF teams and external collaboration partners. In that role, she works with both teams in establishing collaborative strategic plans, maintaining effective communication, promoting cross-functional activities, monitoring progress and developing risk mitigation strategies. Cammie joined UCSF as the Program Director for the Stephen and Nancy...

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  • Roopa Ramamoorthi, PhD

    Senior Associate Director - Catalyst Program and InVent Fund

    Roopa Ramamoorthi brings a diverse scientific background in drug development, bacteriology, biotechnology, and engineering. Prior to joining UCSF, Roopa was Associate Director Partnering and Scientific Affairs at BIO Ventures for Global Health, where her focus was putting together collaborations between academic, non profit and pharmaceutical organizations to accelerate the development of drugs, vaccines and diagnostics for Neglected...

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  • David Fung, PhD

    Assistant Director, Business Development & Licensing

    David manages intellectual property arising from research conducted at UCSF. He works with faculty and staff to evaluate new inventions and to develop appropriate IP strategies, with the goal of commercialization of the technology through licensing, whether to established companies or to new ventures.

    David has more than ten years’ experience in academic technology transfer, first at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and then at...

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  • Ellen Kats, PhD

    Assistant Director, Business Development & Licensing

    As an Assistant Director of Licensing at Innovation Ventures, Ellen is responsible for sourcing and completing high value deals for UCSF's most commercially attractive technologies. In addition to helping bring UCSF's innovation from bench to bedside, Ellen manages a large and diverse IP portfolio, advises faculty/staff on IP strategy, and negotiates intellectual property terms for large-scale industry collaborations.

    Ellen has...

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  • Daniel Abel, JD

    Assistant Director, Patent Prosecution & Business

    Dan joined the OTM in March 2006, and is currently responsible for managing patent prosecution, agreement compliance, government reporting, case finances, and the operating budget. Dan earned both his B.A. (Phi Beta Kappa) and J.D. degrees from the University of Florida.

  • Kristin Agopian, PhD

    Senior Manager, Business Development & Licensing

    Kristin has been managing intellectual property and commercialization for UCSF since 2008. Her portfolio of technologies includes therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical devices.  She works closely with UCSF faculty and staff to develop and commercialize their inventions, build large research collaboration and licensing partnerships, and spin out companies.  In addition, she negotiates and drafts IP agreements including licenses, options,...

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  • Elizabeth Edmiston, PhD

    Senior Alliance and Business Development Manager

    Beth joined the Office of Strategic Alliances as an Alliances and Business Development Manager in October 2018. Previously, Beth worked in market research consulting where she informed pre-launch strategies for global biopharmaceutical companies. She received her Ph.D. in Immunology from UC Davis, where she studied the maternal immune system and its effects on neurodevelopment, specifically she was working to elucidate the role of maternal...

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  • Sean Karlin

    Senior Brand & Communications

    With an education in film, a passion for adventure, and the good fortune to work with organizations like Greenpeace, Amazon Watch and Sea Shepherd, Sean has spent much of his life travelling and documenting the environmental movement. In 2005 he settled in San Francisco, joined Beyond Pix Studios to cover the world’s biggest technology innovators, including Apple, LinkedIn and Amazon. Along with new priorities came new skills that included...

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  • Olivia Roberson, PhD

    Senior Alliance and Business Development Manager

    Olivia joined the Office of Strategic Alliances in November 2018 as an Alliances and Business Development Manager. Previously, Olivia worked as a scientific advisor where she focused on protection of biotechnology intellectual property. Olivia received her PhD in Immunology from Mayo Clinic School of Biomedical Sciences where she studied the endogenous antiviral mechanisms in the domestic cat. Subsequently, Olivia was awarded an NIH...

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  • Shae Ziaee, PhD

    Senior Alliance and Business Development Manager

    Shae joined the Office of Strategic Alliances as an Alliances and Business Development Manager in January 2020, where she establishes collaborative strategic plans and manages industrial partnerships for UCSF. Shae  brings three years of experience in life science strategy and market research for biopharma and diagnostic companies, where she developed R&D and market strategy plans across multiple therapeutic areas, including hematological...

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  • Darya Bubman, PhD

    Senior Manager, Business Development & EOD

    In her role on the Engagement and Opportunity Development (EOD) team of UCSF’s OTM, Darya evaluates novel UCSF inventions for market opportunity, identifies technologies that a start-up company could be built around, works on developing business opportunities for such promising new ventures and negotiates...

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  • Jeni Janci, PhD

    Program Director

    Jeni manages the Diagnostics, Digital Health and Biotools tracks for the Catalyst Program, and is also the Director of the UCSF LaunchPad. She began her life science career in the start-up biotech industry before earning her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology at University of California, Berkeley. Directly after her graduate career, she re-entered the life science industry, where at Entelos she provided Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP...

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  • Priya Ramu, PhD

    Senior Manager, Business Development & EOD

    As part of the Engagement and Opportunity Development at UCSF’s OTM, Priya triages novel UCSF technologies for evaluation of their market opportunity, and works closely with faculty and other inventors to develop the go-to-market strategy for start-up opportunities.

    She joined UCSF in 2016 and prior to that, was an Agreements Officer in Oregon Health & Science University where she negotiated industry-sponsored research agreements...

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  • Gemma Rooney, PhD

    Senior Strategic Partnerships & Licensing Manager

    Gemma has been sourcing and executing high value deals on UCSF’s innovative technologies since 2014, when she first joined the office. She is currently responsible for managing UCSF’s alliances with the ‘Parker Institute of Cancer Immunology’ and 'Chan Zuckerberg Biohub'.  An integral part of this role is determining the commercial and patenting strategy of the University’s intellectual property, engaging with faculty, building and nurturing...

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  • Kathleen Wilson-Edell, PhD

    Senior Manager, Business Development & Licensing

    Kathy joined the UCSF Office of Technology Management (OTM) in March of 2014. She works with UCSF faculty members to protect intellectual property arising from their research and negotiates licenses to these technologies with both startups and established companies.

    Prior to joining OTM full-time, Kathy was a part-time Technology Analyst with UCSF OTM while completing her postdoctoral training at the Buck Institute for Research on...

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  • Tanya Feldman, BA

    Senior Patent Prosecution Analyst

    Tanya handles various aspects of patent prosecution, government reporting obligations, and monitoring annuities, as well as special projects to streamline the work of the Technology Management team and support the overall mission of the OTM. Prior to joining the office, Tanya spent more than a decade working with various non-profits and small businesses specializing in cultural exchange and education in an administrative and project support...

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  • Benjamin Olsen

    Senior Manager, Business Development, Licensing

    Ben is an ex-Deloitte strategy consultant and health-tech startup founder who specializes in product development, market research and capital raising for new ventures. He has spent 15 years as a leader in healthcare commercializing devices and digital products. He has taken medical devices through FDA clearance and European Conformity; raised equity and debt from corporate venture, angel, and crowdfunding sources; developed devices from...

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  • Heather Pittman, MBA

    Assistant Director, Strategic Projects

    Heather is responsible for the negotiation and ongoing support of strategic partnering agreements and master agreements for UCSF Innovation Ventures. She is focused on supporting those researchers, partners, and companies looking to engage in the UCSF research enterprise. Heather also manages software...

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  • Nathaniel Prorok, MHA

    Senior Program Manager

    Nate Prorok brings a diverse and wide ranging skill set and experience to the Catalyst Program team. After undergraduate studies in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training at Loyola Marymount...

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  • Catherine Smith, PhD

    Manager, Business Development & Licensing

    In her role as a Licensing Associate for UCSF’s Innovation Ventures, Cathy is responsible for managing the University’s diverse intellectual property disclosures and assisting in licensing transactions.  Cathy joined the office in early 2016 and is enthusiastic about aiding faculty and staff in translating their scientific discoveries for the public benefit through commercial partnerships.

    Cathy did her PhD at Columbia University and...

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  • Jon Brown, PhD

    Manager, Business Development & Licensing

    Jon is a Licensing Associate at the Office of Technology Management where he supports the licensing efforts at UCSF. He received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from UCLA on the influence on cage environment on porous, catalytically active materials. After post-doctoral research and working as a Tech Transfer Fellow at Sandia National Laboratories, Jon worked as a Patent Agent at WSGR where he developed in-depth expertise in building intellectual...

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  • Heather Carrico, MS

    Senior Business Analyst

    Heather joined the UCSF Office of Technology Management (OTM) in October 2013. She handles case and license agreement compliance, including analysis of license agreements for diligence and financial terms and interpretation, reporting and enforcement.

    Prior to joining OTM, she was at Stanford University’s Office of Technology Management for eight years. Heather earned her MS degree from University of San Francisco and her BA from San...

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  • Danielle Casey Callaghan, BA

    Patent Prosecution Analyst

    Danielle is primarily responsible for handling the intake of invention disclosures and compliance with federal and non-profit sponsor reporting obligations. Danielle also contributes to various projects for OTM, which she joined in May 2016.

  • Monica Ravanello

    Strategic Partnerships and IP Manager

    I am excited to have joined the Office of Technology Management (OTM) in June 2020 as a Strategic Partnerships Officer. In this capacity I work closely with the UCSF faculty and researchers to capture and protect Intellectual Property arising from novel research collaborations.

    I earned a Ph.D. in Virology/Microbiology from Oregon State University and a B.A. in Biology from University of Oregon. After two post-doctoral fellowships,...

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  • Marlene Grenon, MD

    Digital Health and AI

    Dr. Marlene Grenon is a practicing physician, scientist and entrepreneur. She currently holds the role of Director of Digital Health at UCSF Innovation Ventures and Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery at UCSF, where she practices vascular medicine. Dr. Grenon has served as the Chief Medical Officer of Evry Health, as a vascular surgeon at the VAMC San Francisco and has an Adjunct Faculty at the International Space...

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  • Tanya Eliason

    Licensing Contracts Manager

    Tanya is a Licensing Contracts Officer on the OTM team tasked with nurturing important strategic relationships and facilitating the work of the OTM’s Licensing Officers. In the OTM, she focuses on agreements related to sharing UCSF tangible research property and managing jointly owned IP rights. Being a part of the OTM allows Tanya to indulge her passions for biomedical research, IP law, and exploring emerging technologies.


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  • Gabriela Fernandez-Cuervo Velasco

    Alliance and Business Development Manager

    Gabriela joined the Office of Strategic Alliances as an Alliances and Business Development Manager in June 2021. Previously, Gabriela was an Intellectual Property Technology Specialist at MyoKardia – a wholly owned subsidiary of Bristol Myers Squibb, where she focused on internal proprietary and scientific research to evaluate intellectual property issues impacting business strategy. She received her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a...

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  • Ralph Gonzales, MD, MSPH

    Chief Innovation Officer

    Dr. Ralph Gonzales is Associate Dean for Clinical Innovation and Chief Innovation Officer for UCSF Health. His research has played a significant role in national and global efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance by improving antibiotic prescribing practices - the body of which provides a successful roadmap for translating evidence into practice, policy and public health. Dr Gonzales’ research is multidisciplinary, patient-centered, and...

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  • Rachael Callcut, MD

    Director of Data Science & Advanced Analytics

    Dr. Callcut is General Surgeon and Associate Professor of Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Hospital. She leads a NIH and DOD funded team of researchers focused on integration of biomedical big data and surgical data science into critical care for improved clinical decision support.

  • Mary Elizabeth Chalk

    Business Development

    Mary Beth is responsible for business development, including the recent transaction with GE. She has 25 years of broad healthcare expertise in conceiving and completing deals in digital health, biopharma, behavioral health, disease management, wellness, health systems, pharmacy benefit management, and health plans. Prior to UCSF, she was a co-founder of a venture capital backed digital health coaching solution built from IP validated at...

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  • Jessica Chao, MBA, PharmD


    Jessica overseas day-to-day operations and leads CIC partnerships with industry and academia. Previously, she has led product design in various San Francisco startups as well as co-founded Healtho, a consumer health information company. She is also the co-founder of one of the largest health meetups in Seattle, the ...

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  • Elizabeth Gress, MPA

    Dir. Strategy & Operations

    Elizabeth manages the Surgical Innovations program, playing a key role in goal-setting, strategic planning, and outreach. Working closely with faculty leadership, Liz oversees Surgical Innovations’ accelerator and seed funding program, organizes project teams, and coordinates with stakeholders across campus.

  • Hanmin Lee, MD


    Dr. Lee is a pediatric surgeon with research interests in the integration of emerging devices and technologies in medicine. As Clinical Director of Surgical Innovations, Dr. Lee is passionate about collaborating with multidisciplinary experts to solve clinical needs.

  • Ed Martin

    Director, Technology

    Ed is a technologist with 20+ years of experience in software engineering with the last 5 years at UCSF focused on cloud-computing application solutions.  He has a B.S. in Computer Science from UC Davis and a M.Sc. in Healthcare Information Technology from Boston University.

  • Aaron Neinstein, MD

    Associate Clinical Professor

    Dr. Aaron Neinstein is Associate Professor in the UCSF Division of Endocrinology, Vice President of Digital Health for UCSF Health, and Senior Director at the UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation.  His digital health resume spans leading UCSF’s ambulatory Epic EHR implementation, development and deployment of numerous digital health solutions transforming digital patient experience and virtual care delivery across UCSF, research and...

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  • Shuvo Roy, PhD


    Shuvo Roy, PhD, is a translational bioengineer focusing on the development of medical devices to address unmet clinical needs through strong collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach.

    Dr. Roy is a professor at the University of California, San Francisco in the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences (BTS), a joint department of the UCSF Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine, and is a faculty affiliate of the California...

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  • Rhona Snyman

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Rhona is the Chief Strategy Officer for UCSF’s Center for Digital Health Innovation, responsible for developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining CDHI’s strategic initiatives. Prior to joining CDHI, Rhona was responsible for overseeing product development and business strategy for UCSF School of Medicine IT, which included planning the early-stage adoption of innovation programs such as Telemedicine and SalesForce. Rhona earned an...

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Strategic Partners at UCSF