The Entrepreneurship Program

In this era of Covid, the Entrepreneurship Program at UCSF has converted to a global online course, “Entrepreneurship for Life Science/Healthcare Startups:  Master Class Direct from Silicon Valley”.  The course is open to anyone with interest in learning about startups and connecting with the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

(Start Up 101 was) one of the highest value things I did at UCSF.  Stephanie Marrus is inspiring because she provides great ideas, and contacts – and motivates you to live up to her high expectations.

Yug Varma, PhD. Founder/CEO

Phi Therapeutics








What We Do

  • Translating Science/Commercialization
  • Start a Company

Our Team

  • Stephanie Marrus, MBA, MA

    Managing Director

    Stephanie Marrus is the Managing Director, Entrepreneurship. Her mission is to help start companies from UCSF science and technology and to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University. Since joining in 2012, she has developed a robust suite of programs that have contributed to a vibrant entrepreneurial community at UCSF. In addition to heading the Center, she teaches and mentors startups and is Senior Lecturer/Course Director for...

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