Office of Strategic Alliances

The Office of Strategic Alliances develops and manages UCSF's largest industry partnerships. It is our goal to identify mutually beneficial collaborations and strategic partnerships between UCSF and industry, often with the objectives of providing research funding for projects at UCSF and securing a commercial partner suitable for commercializing and developing a product should a new invention arise.

We leverage our extensive internal and external networks to connect the right partners to our PIs, and after a partnership is established, we provide alliance management support to ensure a successful collaboration and identify additional collaborative projects as desired. As scientists by training, we're invested in ensuring that UCSF science has the support it needs to progress, both within the lab and into the clinic.

Please learn more about Our Team, reach out to the director of our office, Peter Kotsonis, with inquiries, or see below for other information.


UCSF-only INDUSTRY Funding Opportunities

What We Do

  • Translational Funding
  • Industry Collaboration

Our Team

  • Peter Kotsonis, PhD

    Executive Director

    Peter is PhD-neuroscientist and drug hunter with 14 years in the pharmaceutical industry, project leader and co-inventor of Ronopterin (VAS203) for traumatic brain injury currently in Phase III clinical development. Peter has experience in academic start-ups (VasoPharm Biotech GmbH) and pharma settings (Novartis Ag and Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co, Ltd). He joined UCSF in 2013, and his responsibilities include driving new partner...

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  • Cammie Edwards, PhD

    Associate Director

    Cammie Edwards, PhD, Program and Alliance Management (ITA), provides a direct interface between UCSF teams and external collaboration partners. In that role, she works with both teams in establishing collaborative strategic plans, maintaining effective communication, promoting cross-functional activities, monitoring progress and developing risk mitigation strategies. Cammie joined UCSF as the Program Director for the Stephen and Nancy...

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  • Meghan Zubradt, PhD

    Alliance Manager

    Meghan focuses on business development, management of large industry partnerships, and early-stage translational research scouting across UCSF. Notable industry partners in her current portfolio include AbbVie, BMS, Pfizer, and Celgene. Meghan has a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from UCSF, obtained in Jonathan Weissman’s lab.

  • Yuxi Lin, PhD

    Alliance Manager

    Yuxi is an Alliances and Business Development Manager at the Office of Strategic Alliances, where she works on developing industry partnerships, research scouting, and business development at UCSF. Previously, Yuxi worked as an intern at Columbia University's tech transfer office, Columbia Technology Ventures. She received her Ph.D. in biomedical sciences from Columbia University focusing on metabolic disorders and did her postdoctoral...

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  • William Smith, PhD, JD, MPH

    Alliance Manager