Sean Karlin

Branding & Visual Communications Specialist
Office of Strategic Alliances
+1 415 265-8691

With an education in film, a passion for adventure, and the good fortune to work with organizations like Greenpeace, Amazon Watch and Sea Shepherd, Sean has spent much of his life travelling and documenting the world. In 2005 he settled in San Francisco, joined Beyond Pix Studios and was introduced to a whole new side of media, working many of the world’s biggest technology innovators, including Apple, LinkedIn and Amazon. Along with new priorities came new skills that included brand management, business communications, and design.

With a great team of creatives at Beyond Pix, Sean led commercial campaigns for local and national broadcast, which culminated in an Emmy Award for their Sonoma Raceway ad campaign in 2014.

In 2016, he began working with the University of California designing and producing online educational projects, and today you can find him wandering the ivy walled campus of UC San Francisco tending to brand and visual communications with the Innovation Ventures team.