Investigate. Collaborate. Innovate.
UCSF Innovation Ventures creates new models for bringing our innovations to market, accelerating solutions that can directly improve health.
Industry & Investors
Consistently recognized as one of the top academic medical centers in the world, UCSF has a strong reputation for creative industry partnerships.
UCSF encourages entrepreneurship as an avenue for scientists and clinicians who want to have impact on human health care at scale.

As part of our public mission, UC San Francisco strives to translate our scientific discoveries for public use and benefit. Whether it’s a new drug molecule, diagnostic, medical device or digital health application, our goal is to ensure the best new therapies and technologies can make their way to the patient as efficiently and safely as possible.

UCSF Innovation Ventures creates new models for bringing our innovations to market by fostering entrepreneurship among our researchers and clinicians, as well as partnering with industry leaders to accelerate solutions that can directly improve health. 

Innovation Ventures comprises multiple groups specializing in business development, intellectual property, licensing and entrepreneurship including: 

  • Office of Technology Management negotiates license agreements that allow commercial partners to develop products based on UCSF inventions. 
  • Office of Strategic Alliances connects industry with UCSF researchers, building collaborations and longer-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial. 
  • The Entrepreneurship Center provides the knowledge, support and connections needed by scientists and clinicians who want to create a startup venture to commercialize their technology.
  • Catalyst Program accelerates translation of UCSF research into products with clinical impact through customized Industrial product development mentorship, and funding.
  • Center for Digital Health Innovation collaborates with innovators from UCSF and beyond to envision, realize and evaluate game-changing digital health technologies.