We Give A Big Welcome to Anthony Francis
Innovation Ventures is proud to announce the addition of Anthony Francis, Executive Director of our Office of Technology Management group.
Sana Biotechnology Launches Focusing on New Class of Medicine
UCSF's Sonja Schrepfer helps found startup Sana Biotechnology, as they launch with a focus on engineering cells to create a new class of medicines.
CRISPR-mediated Activation to Reduce Obesity
Catalyst Awardees, Nadav Ahituv, PhD and Navneet Matharu, PhD, Apply CRISPR-mediated Activation to Obesity. Here are the results:
Mission Bio Raises $30M To Expand Tapestri’s Reach
Mission Bio raise $30M in series B funding with Adam Abate’s work on single-cell DNA analysis platform Tapestri®.
Principia Revealed In Generous IPO
Principia Biopharma founded by Jack Taunton, began trading at $17.00 per share on the Nasdaq, raising approximately $122.2 million for immunology and cancer treatment.
FDA Clears FOR46 For Clinical Trials
Fortis Therapeutics receives FDA clearance for two INDs to treat late-stage prostate cancer and multiple myeloma.
Radio Frequency Sedative Gets FDA Nod
FDA grants 510(K) clearance to Relievant Medsystems leading to Its first commercial intracept procedures and $58 Million in equity funding.
Health Hub Launches in Collaboration with UCSF
Next-generation nonprofit Health Hub and UC San Francisco have announced plans to bring inventors and local entrepreneurs the support and professional development needed to build successful companies.
Venn Acquires Cancer Immunotherapy Antibody
Venn Therapeutics has completed an exclusive licensing deal with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to advance its novel integrin αvβ8 antibody, created by a team of preeminent scientists at UCSF, led by Dr. Stephen Nishimura.
Cell Design Labs
Producing cancer-fighting cell therapies, UCSF startup, Cell Design Labs Inc. was acquired by Gilead for $567M.

Who We Are

Technology development and commercialization is a complex process and every project is unique. Innovation Ventures is dedicated to helping our faculty and students, in all of our schools, navigate those complexities. As part of our public mission, UC San Francisco strives to translate our scientific discoveries for public use and benefit. Whether it’s a new drug molecule, diagnostic, medical device or digital health application, our goal is to ensure the best new therapies and technologies can make their way to the patient as efficiently and safely as possible.

To that end, our staff works closely with researchers and entrepreneurs on the complete spectrum of activities required to develop a product from filing an invention disclosure to seeking a development partner to starting a company. And in order to provide translational support to those projects most likely to benefit patients, not only does the Catalyst Program provide competitive grants, but Innovation Ventures is happy to announce that we have begun our InVent Fund that will enable us to prosecute select UCSF projects further through translation, thereby maintaining more control and building greater value before licensing them to an established company or new UCSF startup. By giving the science a longer gestation period, we are ensuring these great ideas will get to the marketplace more fully developed and with greater confidence, thereby increasing their chances of success.

Innovation Ventures will continue to improve how we serve the needs of our colleagues within UCSF as well as our partners without.

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