Catalyst Awardees Win the Harrington Innovator-Scholar Award
Jennifer Chen and John Chorba, two UCSF Catalyst awardees, win the 2021 Harrington Innovator-Scholar Award for projects that also won the Catalyst Award.
Helping Paralyzed Man "Speak"
In a medical first, researchers, led by Dr. Edward Chang, harnessed the brain waves of a man paralyzed and unable to speak for 15 years - and turned his thoughts into sentences on a computer screen.
UCSF's Next-generation T-cell therapeutics
"T cells play a fundamental role in maintaining a healthy human body." Jeffrey Bluestone, PhD.
UCSF Health Awards: Open For Submissions
We are pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual USCF Health Awards is now accepting new technology submissions from industry partners across the healthcare spectrum – including life sciences.
Partnership for Early Biotech Manufacturing
A partnership between the University of California, San Francisco, and Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. will put cell therapies within reach of UCSF cancer patients, doctors and researchers.
Kunal Patel Fund Launched
UCSF announces the creation of the Kunal Patel UCSF Innovation Fund in support of our Catalyst Program for advancing UCSF discoveries with clinical impact and commercial potential
Soteria Launches with $42 Million in Series A
Soteria, a UCSF founded immuno-oncology company focused on developing a next generation of switchable bispecific T-cell engagers to treat patients with solid tumor cancers, today announced a $42 million Series A financing.
From Aquarium-to-Bedside
Using a zebrafish model developed in the laboratory of Professor Scott C. Baraban, Epygenix Therapeutics is poised to commercialize epilepsy drugs discovered in zebrafish.

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