Innovation Ventures Philanthropy Fund (InVent Fund)

Alex Marson's Lab, UCSF 2018

UCSF Thrives on Bold Ideas!

With the UCSF Innovation Ventures InVent Fund, a philanthropic trust to boost the University’s most promising healthcare discoveries, we now have the power to invest in ourselves. UCSF seeks to rewrite the rules on how breakthrough discoveries are developed at our university. Instead of prematurely licensing the rights to our most promising but early findings to industry, we have created a fund to provide financial support, as well as experienced product development mentoring and expertise to a small number of outstanding projects. By supporting and de-risking our most promising projects through translational development, we expect to capture greater value for UCSF and our inventors with the added benefit of building a sustainable program of funding for future innovations.

Current Portfolio

Some of the current healthcare technologies in development are:

  • A novel compound inhibitor to treat fibrotic diseases and potentially cancer
  • Development of novel inhibitors against a validated cancer target
  • Small molecules for treating cytomegalovirus and HSV
  • Humanized potent monoclonal antibodies against murine and human target integrin for cancer immunotherapy and prevention of corneal scarring after cataract surgery
  • Immunotherapy targeting cell surface markers for the treatment of B-cell malignancies
  • In vivo proof of concept of Nurr1 agonists in Parkinson’s Disease
  • Inhibiting PCSK9 to treat atherosclerosis
  • Novel class of HER3 inhibitors
  • Novel enzyme technology for prevention of kidney transplant rejection
  • Percutaneous arteriovenous fistula for hemodialysis access
  • Platform technology to target KRAS mutant cancers using recombinant antibodies
  • Preclinical development of a compound targeting a select pathway for treatment of myc driven cancers
  • Preclinical testing of an optimized antibody
  • Select Integrin inhibitor to mitigate exaggerated smooth muscle contraction in asthma
  • Small molecule inhibitors for treatment of hyperoxaluria and constipation

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Make a Gift

To join our visionary donors in supporting the growth of the fund and helping UCSF realize its mission, please contact Associate Vice Chancellor, Michael j. Faber, at (415) 476-2617 or [email protected].


What We Do

  • Translational Funding
  • Technology Development

Our Team

  • Barry Selick, PhD

    Vice Chancellor, Business Development, Innovation and Partnerships

    Prior to joining UCSF, Barry was the CEO of Threshold Pharmaceuticals, a fully integrated oncology drug discovery/clinical development company that he led as CEO from its Series A financing through IPO to its eventual sale in 2017. He was also a Venture Partner at Sofinnova Ventures from June 2002 until July 2007. Prior to Threshold, Barry co-founded and was CEO and Chairman of Camitro, a venture capital backed drug discovery technology...

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