The Truth About UCSF Innovation
OTMA Executive Director Anthony Francis opens up about MedTech innovation and using the academic institution as a launchpad for startups.
Congratulation to Peter Kotsonis, our new Assistant Vice Chancellor
Strategic Alliances leader, Peter Kotsonis has been promoted to “Assistant Vice Chancellor of Business Development, Innovation, and Partnerships”.
Hani Goodarzi Awarded Prestigious Vilcek Prize
UCSF Catalyst Awardee Hani Goodarzi received the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science for uncovering novel molecular players and pathways and therapeutic targets in cancer metastasis.
UCSF Health Hub Awards Celebrates Technology
A huge congratulations to our twenty winning companies and Hall of Fame inductees at the 3rd Annual UCSF Health Hub Awards.
Catalyst Awardees Win the Harrington Innovator-Scholar Award
Jennifer Chen and John Chorba, two UCSF Catalyst awardees, win the 2021 Harrington Innovator-Scholar Award for projects that also won the Catalyst Award.
Helping Paralyzed Man "Speak"
In a medical first, researchers, led by Dr. Edward Chang, harnessed the brain waves of a man paralyzed and unable to speak for 15 years - and turned his thoughts into sentences on a computer screen.
UCSF's Next-generation T-cell therapeutics
"T cells play a fundamental role in maintaining a healthy human body." Jeffrey Bluestone, PhD.

Who We Are

Translational technology development and commercialization is a complex process because every project is unique. Innovation Ventures is dedicated to helping the UCSF community navigate those complexities by working up-close with our research faculty and promising students to really understand their science. We have a single purpose and that is to support the transition of UCSF innovation out of the lab and into the marketplace as more fully developed therapies, with a greater confidence of success. Whether evaluating a new discovery, securing funding, seeking external partnerships, or starting new companies, Innovation Ventures is here to facilitate protection, development, and commercialization of novel and valuable healing inventions.

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