Reinvigorating Innovation in ALS
Our Office of Strategic Alliances co-hosted the inaugural UC system-wide workshop, “Reinvigorating Innovation in ALS”, which took place May 16-17 at the University of California Livermore Collaboration Center.
Investor Panel for UCSF Technologies
Innovation Ventures' Engagement and Opportunity Development Team organized and hosted an Investor Panel for Therapeutic & dHealth/Medical Device Opportunities at UCSF.
A Conversation about Startups
UCSF Innovation Ventures' Managing Director of Entrepreneurship, Stephanie Marrus, sat down for a frank discussion on what it takes to convert a scientific or medical idea into a business.

Let's Talk About Commercialization...

Translational technology development and commercialization is a complex process because every project is unique. Innovation Ventures is dedicated to helping the UCSF community navigate those complexities by working up close with our research faculty and promising students to really understand their science. We have a single purpose and that is to support the transition of UCSF innovation out of the lab and into the marketplace as more fully developed therapies, with greater confidence of success. Whether evaluating a new discovery, securing funding, seeking external partnerships, or starting new companies, Innovation Ventures is here to facilitate the protection, development, and commercialization of novel and valuable healing inventions.

Innovation Sucess Stories