Engagement and Opportunity Development

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Innovation Ventures' mission is to ensure discoveries in healthcare from the University of California, San Francisco are given appropriate support to put them on the path towards commercialization. As part of our Office of Technology Management, we have started a focused Engagement and Opportunity Development team (EOD). The EOD engages faculty and develops business opportunities for new ventures around select technologies. EOD takes a market first approach by identifying a product or products and defining potential market opportunities upfront.  


The team was formed in part to develop new venture opportunities. And because not all scientific discoveries are immediately ready to advance to commercialization, we begin by identifying innovations that are best positioned for business advancement and need more support. We design the business model that best fits each discovery and map out the approach that gets our technology to market most effectively. Now we can connect our researchers to the right funding sources, and, when applicable, our office will assist with the actual launch of the new business.


By organizing a team with the single purpose of assessing UCSF research discoveries for market opportunity, nurturing them to maturity, and safeguarding their full commercial potential, we ensure the public have greater access to life-changing healthcare.