Key Opinion Leaders Network

The Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Feedback Network is a list of 50+ venture capitalists, pharmaceutical company contacts, entrepreneurs, special area experts, and angel investors that agreed to provide quick non-confidential market feedback to the Engagement and Opportunity Development (EOD) team on UCSF therapeutic, diagnostic, medical device and dHealth technology opportunities. Their valuable feedback allows the EOD team to prioritize and evaluate opportunities. It also provides important information for the initial evaluation efforts, including identifying the next steps toward technology validation and starting early conversations that may eventually lead to licensing leads.

We also host KOL panel presentations to evaluate the new technologies discovered by University researchers and help us better understand the commercial healthcare market beyond our ivy walls. 

KOL Events

Some of our Key Opinion Leaders


Eric Gomez, Mubadala fund - LinkedIn Profile
Chris Bergstrom, AmalgamRx -  LinkedIn Profile

  Eric Gomez


This mechanism of idea exchange between UCSF and BridgeBio is extremely helpful because it gives us the privilege to learn about and provide feedback for earlier stage technologies. Over time, these conversations grow into fruitful relationships and build trust!

Eric Gomez, VP, Asset Acquisition



KT Moortgat, Droia Ventures - LinkedIn Profile
Emir Sandhu, Sandbox Industries - LinkedIn Profile



The KOL Feedback Network takes a proactive approach to highlighting some of UCSF’s most exciting discoveries and publications.  It’s a productive way to learn about these, and a pleasure to offer early and supportive feedback.

 KT Moorgat, Investment Partner

Droia Ventures


Jacob Plummer, Datavant - LinkedIn Profile


Andrew Pilon, Johnson & Johnson - LinkedIn Profile


 If you love science, tech, and the art of building businesses, the KOL Feedback Network is the best kind of ‘professional” fun.

Jacob Plummer, Head of Customer Success