Office of Technology Management

The powerful combination of high quality science, an entrepreneurial culture, and strategic partnerships between UCSF’s researchers and Innovation Ventures Office of Technology Management (OTM) has resulted in an impressive track record of commercial successes. We will work with you to evaluate and grow new ideas, devise a commercialization and intellectual property (IP) plan including formation of a start-up, connect your research with appropriate potential internal and external collaborators, and negotiate suitable licenses with appropriate commercialization partners such as existing companies, venture capitalists or other investors.

Services & Programs

Evaluate the Invention: Working closely with the inventor(s), the evaluation process results in the generation of an IP protection and a corresponding commercialization plan which results in licensing of the technology to an existing company or a new start-up which is often developed in close partnership with the OTM

Grow Your Idea: Planning your next steps to developing a commercially viable product or solution, getting input from industry experts, and identifying gap funding opportunities

Market the Technology: Actively reaching out to a robust network of external partners including business development professionals and venture capitalists (VC) to match UCSF’s intellectual property assets with their partnering interests, raise funding and work together to create a roadmap for developing the technology; developing and managing on-going industry relationships

License the Technology: Negotiating complex and customized agreements such as licenses to existing and significantly funded start-up companies, collaborative research agreements, confidentiality disclosure agreements, and material transfer agreements to enable commercial partnerships

Facilitate External Collaboration: Partnering with other UCSF groups to attract and develop partnerships with industry, research foundations, etc. to provide expertise, funding and other resources to further develop technology leading to reduced risk for licensees and increased value for UCSF and inventors

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Please feel free to reach out to Sunita Rajdev, PhD, Interim Executive Director of Technology Management at [email protected] or 415-502-1605.

What We Do

  • Translating Science/Commercialization
  • Industry Collaboration
  • IP Licensing
  • Start a Company
  • Compliance

Our Team

  • Sunita Rajdev, PhD

    Interim Executive Director

    Sunita collaborates with UCSF faculty and researchers in identification, evaluation, protection and commercialization of inventions arising from their research. In addition to managing a large portfolio of technologies from diverse scientific disciplines, Sunita also provides leadership support in helping build relationships with internal and external stakeholders, define new strategies to identify and develop UCSF’s intellectual property, co...

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  • Gonzalo Barrera-Hernandez, PhD

    Associate Director

    I joined UCSF in 2012, following 12 ½ years at the office of Innovation, Alliances & Services (IAS) (formerly known as the Office of Technology Transfer) at the UC Office of the President, where I was responsible for all IP management and technology licensing matters of a life-sciences portfolio of technologies from several UC campuses.  While at IAS I was also responsible for the first UC System Proof-of-Concept Fund, the UC...

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  • Todd Pazdera, PhD

    Associate Director

    I have over 10 years in licensing and business development experience that includes building significant research collaboration and licensing partnerships between academia and the life sciences industry. I also have significant interest and experience in starting venture backed companies based on university technology.

    I did my Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University in the lab of Jon Minden, studying the role of...

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  • Ellen Kats, PhD

    Assistant Director

    As an Assistant Director of Licensing, Ellen is responsible for technology evaluation and management, commercializing technologies through licensing, as well as helping negotiate intellectual property terms for collaboration and sponsored research agreements with commercial partners. Ellen created and has been running the OTM's technology analyst internship program since 2012.

    Ellen has been managing intellectual property on behalf of...

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  • David Fung, PhD

    Senior Licensing Officer

    David manages intellectual property arising from research conducted at UCSF. He works with faculty and staff to evaluate new inventions and to develop appropriate IP strategies, with the goal of commercialization of the technology through licensing, whether to established companies or to new ventures.

    David has more than ten years’ experience in academic technology transfer, first at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and then at...

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  • Kristin Agopian, PhD

    Senior Licensing Officer

    Kristin manages a portfolio of technologies and works with UCSF faculty and staff to develop and commercialize their inventions. She drafts and negotiates many agreements, including outgoing material transfer, confidentiality, inter-institutional, option and license agreements.

    Kristin has been managing intellectual property for UCSF since August 2008. She was previously a Senior Analyst with Health Advances, a healthcare business...

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  • Shikha Sharma, PhD

    Licensing Officer

    I joined the Office of Technology Management in January 2013. I am a zealous business development professional, with a passion for science and immense respect for innovators. I am privileged to work closely with the UCSF community of students, scientists, clinicians. I manage a diverse and exciting...

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  • Darya Bubman, PhD

    Licensing and Material Transfer Officer

    Darya joined the Office of Technology Management (OTM) in November 2011. Her responsibilities include technology management, licensing and outgoing material transfer agreements. Darya earned a B.A. degree in Biochemistry from Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the Weill...

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  • Gemma Rooney, PhD

    Licensing Officer

    As a Licensing Officer, Gemma is responsible for evaluating and managing new technologies, determining the patenting strategy, commercializing technologies through licensing and helping to negotiate the intellectual property terms in sponsored research agreements with industry partners. Gemma has been co-managing the OTM’s internship program since 2014, when she joined the OTM team.

    Gemma holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Stem Cell...

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  • Kathleen Wilson-Edell, PhD

    Licensing Officer

    Kathy joined the UCSF Office of Technology Management (OTM) in March of 2014. She works with UCSF faculty members to protect intellectual property arising from their research and negotiates licenses to these technologies with both startups and established companies.

    Prior to joining OTM full-time, Kathy was a part-time Technology Analyst with UCSF OTM while completing her postdoctoral training at the Buck Institute for Research on...

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  • Ying-Li Chen, MBA

    Technology Marketing Manager

    Ying-Li joined UCSF Office of Technology Management (OTM) in September 2014. She manages technology marketing outreach including push and pull targeted marketing campaigns; and OTM's newsletters to increase public awareness of UCSF technologies. Ying-Li works closely with her team to establish and expand UCSF industry-academia partnership. As part of her role, she attends local or national conferences such as JP Morgan Healthcare, and BIO...

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  • Saunders Ching, PhD

    Licensing Officer

    As a member of the UCSF Office of Technology Management, Saunders helps manage the intellectual property of UCSF scientists across a wide variety of disciplines. He is dedicated to guiding innovative UCSF technologies from the laboratory to the market for the benefit of patients.

    Saunders received his PhD in Genetics from UCLA, where he studied the molecular mechanisms that control embryonic adrenal development. After completing his...

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  • Catherine Smith, PhD

    Licensing Associate

    In her role as a Licensing Associate for UCSF’s Innovation Ventures, Cathy is responsible for managing the University’s diverse intellectual property disclosures and assisting in licensing transactions.  Cathy joined the office in early 2016 and is enthusiastic about aiding faculty and staff in translating their scientific discoveries for the public benefit through commercial partnerships.

    Cathy did her PhD at Columbia University and...

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  • Natalie Greco, PhD

    Licensing Associate

    Natalie's interest in disease prevention, therapeutics, and public health motivated her to obtain a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Pathology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. These interests also drove her decision to shift into a career in technology transfer. Natalie takes pride in knowing that she is impacting public health by facilitating the development of biomedical technologies through licensing and intellectual property...

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  • Priya Ramu, PhD

    Licensing Associate

    Priya Ramu is a Licensing Associate in the Office of Technology Management at UCSF. She helps manage intellectual property developed at UCSF by carrying out patentability assessments of inventions, coordinating patent prosecution and licensing of a variety of technologies to commercial partners.

    She joined the office in 2016 and prior to that, contributed to Technology Transfer at Oregon Health & Science University by negotiating...

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  • Jon Brown, PhD

    Licensing Associate

    Jon is a Licensing Associate at the Office of Technology Management where he supports the licensing efforts at UCSF. He received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from UCLA on the influence on cage environment on porous, catalytically active materials. After post-doctoral research and working as a Tech Transfer Fellow at Sandia National Laboratories, Jon worked as a Patent Agent at WSGR where he developed in-depth expertise in building intellectual...

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  • Cole Bunn, MS

    Licensing Associate

    Cole joined the UCSF Office of Technology Management as a Licensing Associate in October of 2018 to aid in managing the University’s intellectual property disclosures and licensing efforts. Cole holds a B.S. in Molecular Biology and an M.S. in Biotechnology both from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). His research experience includes exploring the effects of epigenetic changes in human temporal lobe epilepsy, specifically...

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  • Daniel Abel, JD

    Patent Prosecution and Business Manager

    Dan joined the OTM in March 2006, and is currently responsible for managing patent prosecution, agreement compliance, government reporting, case finances, and the operating budget. Dan earned both his B.A. (Phi Beta Kappa) and J.D. degrees from the University of Florida.

  • Tanya Feldman, BA

    Senior Patent Prosecution Analyst

    Tanya handles various aspects of patent prosecution, government reporting obligations, and monitoring annuities, as well as special projects to streamline the work of the Technology Management team and support the overall mission of the OTM. Prior to joining the office, Tanya spent more than a decade working with various non-profits and small businesses specializing in cultural exchange and education in an administrative and project support...

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  • Heather Pittman, MBA

    Strategic Transactions Officer

    As the inaugural Strategic Transactions Officer, Heather is responsible for the negotiation of strategic partnering agreements for UCSF Innovation Ventures. She is focused on supporting those researchers, partners, and companies looking to engage in the UCSF research enterprise. Heather also advises on...

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  • Heather Carrico, MS

    Business Analyst

    Heather joined the UCSF Office of Technology Management (OTM) in October 2013. She handles case and license agreement compliance, including analysis of license agreements for diligence and financial terms and interpretation, reporting and enforcement.

    Prior to joining OTM, she was at Stanford University’s Office of Technology Management for eight years. Heather earned her MS degree from University of San Francisco and her BA from San...

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  • Danielle Casey Callaghan, BA

    Patent Prosecution Analyst

    Danielle is primarily responsible for handling the intake of invention disclosures and compliance with federal and non-profit sponsor reporting obligations. Danielle also contributes to various projects for OTM, which she joined in May 2016.