Gabriela Fernandez-Cuervo Velasco

Alliance and Business Development Manager
Office of Strategic Alliances

Gabriela joined the Office of Strategic Alliances as an Alliances and Business Development Manager in June 2021. Previously, Gabriela was an Intellectual Property Technology Specialist at MyoKardia – a wholly owned subsidiary of Bristol Myers Squibb, where she focused on internal proprietary and scientific research to evaluate intellectual property issues impacting business strategy. She received her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a focus on Drug Discovery and Development from the University of Arizona as a HHMI Gilliam Fellow. Her thesis work centered in designing MR imaging small molecule probes and developing them into companion diagnostic tools as enzyme-activated contrast agents. Her highly interdisciplinary work led her to continue postdoctoral training at Stanford University School of Medicine where she secured funding as a recipient of the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign MedTech Grant. Gabriela’s scientific background is strongest in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, and biomedical imaging.