The UCSF Entrepreneurship Program supports current and potential entrepreneurs exploring startups and innovation. Our focus is on early stage, high impact ventures that have the potential to advance health worldwide. Resources are available for founders and joiners in innovative startups, as well as for others curious about the startup world as a possible career choice. 

The impact of entrepreneurship is immense:  improving health outcomes, extending healthspan, boosting economic growth and providing job opportunities.  We help our scientists and clinicians translate their ideas into commercial ventures.

Our global online entrepreneurship course, Global Life Sciences/Healthcare Entrepreneurship Course:  Virtual Master Class Direct from Silicon Valley, brings best practices from Silicon Valley to almost 40 countries worldwide. The 10 week, professional online course teaches essential business basics for startups. The course is offered once per year in the fall. See our course brochure.

Industry mentors with years of accomplished work experience, ranging from serial entrepreneurs to investors, provide individualized business guidance to founders.  If you are a UCSF startup or graduate of the Global Class, let us know your needs for a mentor.

Events such as the monthly Entrepreneur and Innovator Hangouts at UCSF are important networking. We offer ongoing opportunities to network with peers at UCSF and beyond and to explore a thriving entrepreneurial community.

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