UCSF Innovator Enrichment

Enriching the UCSF Innovator’s Experience and Ecosystem

UCSF’s top priorities include inspiring, identifying, and investing in our “Frontline Innovators” who are translating their novel ideas into beneficial impact at scale for health and life sciences

Catherine R Lucey, MD, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

UC, San Francisco


We are thrilled to announce the launch of an Innovation Ventures core program titled "Innovator Enrichment." This comprehensive initiative is designed to inspire, identify, and invest in frontline innovators at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

UCSF is fertile soil for innovation with its unparalleled capacity for discovery, invention, validation, and implementation, yet translation from “idea to impact” is challenging to navigate at any institution. The Innovator Enrichment program aims to facilitate this journey and create opportunities for all interested clinicians, researchers, educators, and learners, to engage in innovation. Importantly, the program targets the development of Innovators, not just Innovations.

To achieve the Innovator Enrichment program aims, we have a multi-pronged approach which includes initiating new targeted programs, supporting established services in Innovation Ventures, and collaborating closely with the vibrant community of existing innovation initiatives at UCSF.

A key focus of the Innovator Enrichment is to provide an inclusive and equitable environment and diversify the UCSF innovator community.

The Innovator Enrichment program will offer a range of vital services including:

  • Access to Innovation: Providing all UCSF clinicians, researchers, educators, and learners with expanded access to engage in innovation through networks, resources, and knowledge. Innovator Enrichment opportunities will be available on the Innovation Ventures website. https://innovation.ucsf.edu
  • Individualized support: Providing personalized guidance to innovators as they navigate the complexities of translating novel, evidence-based innovations, while also expanding their academic and clinical careers. Services will include office hours, mentor and advisor networks, and Departmental IV Ambassadors.
  • Monthly “Innovator Seminar Series”: Launching January 24, 2024, these expert lectures will provide core knowledge needed to advance innovations across the arc of development. Key topics include - problem analysis, design thinking, stakeholder discovery, solution landscape, intellectual property, technology validation, regulatory pathways, business development, communication, and equity in innovation.
  • Funding: Providing notifications and guidance on grants, awards, and seed funding opportunities. Development of new funding opportunities, including the UCSF Innovation Challenge, launching in Spring 2024. 
  • UCSF Innovation Center in Genentech Hall: UCSF Innovators are invited to gather with mentors and peers for seminars, project team meetings, networking, or office hours. This also provides all UCSF innovation initiatives access to physical meeting space. To book time in the Innovation Center write to: [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Innovation Ecosystem: UCSF is a part of a vibrant innovation ecosystem that extends beyond our campus. This is illustrated by the JPM Healthcare Conference in San Francisco and the UCSF Innovation Showcase and Reception on Jan 9. (See below for details). Also, stay tuned to the IV website for details of the “Annual UCSF Innovation Summit and Showcase” in the Fall of 2024.

The Innovator Enrichment program aims to further UCSF’s standing as a global leader in health and life science innovation, increasing our capacity to improve lives and advance healthcare for all.

For more information about Innovator Enrichment, contact Aenor Sawyer, MD at [email protected]