Accessing Government Funds for Your Startup

Chris Sasiela, PhD, Office of the Directr, Nationoal Institutes of Health 

Need money for your startup but too early stage to interest investors? NIH’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants are a critical source of capital for early-stage companies that are creating innovative technologies to improve health. Hear from NIH program administration about what you need to be attractive for this important grant opportunity. SBIR grants have provided the initial funding for many UCSF ventures. We will hold one-on-one sessions after the talk for individualized guidance. Co-sponsored by the UCSF Catalyst Program.



Jessica Notini, JD, Lecturer in Law, Stanford University

This popular workshop on negotiation skills was taught by a Stanford faculty member who is a full-time mediator, trainer, negotiation coach and facilitator practicing in California and internationally. All of us negotiate with others in our public and private lives but most people have not had access to knowledge and training in this important skill. Whether you are negotiating a term sheet with an investor, a founders' agreement, terms for a new hire or a corporate partnership, your skill at negotiating will determine the outcome. In this workshop, you can learn about your negotiating style, the basics of a productive negotiation and practice with a case study.



Donna LaVoie, President and CEO, LaVoieHealthScience

Founders of health science companies are asked to do it all - take a key scientific discovery or theory and show their stakeholders how they plan to turn it into a commercial success. Being a great scientist or clinician is not enough - communication plays a pivotal role in conveying your rationale to a diverse group of stakeholders - investors, customers, partners, suppliers, regulators, attorneys, employees, doctors, patients, caregivers and advocacy groups. Learn how to make your presentation comprehensive, succinct, accurate, specific, understandable and interesting for investors.


Intellectual Property

Whether you want to start a company or license your technology, having the right IP is essential. Learn about patents and other types of IP, what you need to do to protect your invention, mistakes that can destroy your IP and what investors will require. 

Marc Morley,JD, Mintz Levin


Deborah Kang, JD, Director, [email protected] Law, UC Berkeley School of Law