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Ways to Give Back and Support Our Mission

In a bold move to develop its life science inventions to higher value, so they are more likely to ultimately reach patients and better support the university’s mission, Innovation Ventures is raising a philanthropic fund to support the internal development of our most promising inventions. For drug candidates or devices, proof-of-concept studies could take the form of small-scale clinical trials to demonstrate that they have adequate safety and efficacy in patients for a licensing company to launch larger, more definitive clinical trials. Similarly, digital health applications and diagnostic technologies could be advanced to the point where they could be evaluated in real-world scenarios prior to undergoing the more rigorous development required for commercialization. One aim is to keep inventions from languishing on companies’ shelves, which often occurs when firms license early-stage inventions but do not invest the necessary resources to develop them. Another is to increase the licensing revenues earned by UCSF inventions for the university and inventors: companies are likely to pay more for innovations with more proven value. With this strategy, UCSF can begin to invest more fully in itself and develop even more technologies to benefit patients.

To learn about how you can support the Innovation Ventures Philanthropy Fund, please contact:

Michael J. Faber
Associate Vice Chancellor
University Development & Alumni Relations
University of California, San Francisco
Phone: 415-476-2617
Email: [email protected]

What We Do

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