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From validating your idea with the market to building a team, creating a business model and exploring financing options, the Entrepreneurship Center offers state-of-the-art entrepreneurship courses and workshops. 

These experiential courses, in which students work on a team to create a business plan, inform how to create a commercializable business in life science/healthcare.  We assume our students, who may be faculty, clinicians, postdocs or PhD students, have no business background so target learning to their level.  Our open courses and workshops are offered to UCSF, Berkeley, Stanford , and the business community. We believe that a diverse group in the classroom enhances the learning experience. 

Experienced members of the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem teach in our classes and mentor teams.  They are CEOs, members of management teams, investors, service providers and consultants.  

Whether you have an idea you want to explore, are curious about entrepreneurship, already have a company or would like to join a startup team, you will find knowledge and experience in our classes and workshops.

We are a unique resource in the Bay Area, delivering top quality entrepreneurship education with a life science focus.   

I enjoyed working with Entrepreneurship Center UCSF students, who, like me, have a vision for becoming an entrepreneur.

Elise Giancola, MPH, Founder/CEO







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