Global Entrepreneurship Online Class

Entrepreneurship for Life Science and Healthcare Startups: Master Class Direct from Silicon Valley

The UCSF Entrepreneurship Center is offering an online, global Master Class for scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs, technology transfer offices, incubators, governments and others to learn about starting a new life science/healthcare venture. It will be led by Stephanie Marrus, Managing Director of the Center. The course will be conducted online starting in September 2020, and will last for 10 weeks at a price of $750 USD for preregistrations until July 15, 2020, and $950 USD after that date. The course includes lectures by Silicon Valley investors, entrepreneurs and experts, live Peer Forums and drop-ins by mentors.

This class will provide the information and the tools to help you create a winning business plan and investor pitch. Guided by renowned entrepreneurship practitioners from the life science/healthcare powerhouse UCSF and the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, you will learn practical information, not theory, to help you succeed.

Our guest lecturers from UCSF and Silicon Valley are dedicated experts who live and breathe the life science/healthcare sector daily. They will relate essential understanding about the challenges, dynamics, timeframes, regulation and capital needs you will face in a startup.

The class is intended for anyone with an interest in life science/healthcare entrepreneurship, whether curious, exploring the possibility of starting a company, already involved in a startup, in a corporation seeking to innovate or a government economic development group. To learn more about the course, please open the program image.