Startup 101

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Startup 101 is the Entrepreneurship Center’s core entrepreneurship course.

Interested in creating a startup? Considering joining an entrepreneurial team? Have you been working on a startup but not had any business training? Would you like to find more team members or meet other entrepreneurs at UCSF?  Are you considering alternative careers to scientific research and curious about the Silicon Valley startup world? If you’re in any of those categories, Startup 101 is perfect for you.

This experiential, team-based class will cover the topics important to starting a scalable, for profit commercial venture. You’ll learn how to recognize a business opportunity, how to do market research, business plans and business models, clinical development, regulatory, reimbursement from insurers, intellectual property, building the team, financing strategy, budgeting, sources of capital and more. The class ends with a Pitch Night judged by angel and VC investors. You do not need to have an idea or a team to participate —we’ll help connect you.If you have an idea or a venture, you may find team members in class that can help and even become part of your permanent team.

Our classes are similar to entrepreneurship courses at Stanford and Berkeley with Silicon Valley sophistication and life science/healthcare specificity. UCSF grad students can earn credit by signing up through Biochem 241. The course is open to UC Berkeley, Stanford and the business community.

One of the highest value things I did at UCSF.  Stephanie Marrus is inspiring because she provides great ideas, and contacts and motivates you to live up to her high expectations

Yug Varma, PhD, Founder/CEO

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Thank you for your interest in Startup 101. Applications are now due.

This is a team-based course and you will need to be on a team or lead a team based on your idea before the second week of class. To help you find teammates, input your information on the Marketplace Form.

Marketplace Form

Please email us if you would like access to the profiles of people who signed up on the Startup 101 Marketplace at [email protected]. Make contact with people who interest you and start a conversation. The goal is to connect as a team: 3-5 people, with at least one from UCSF.

Additional Information 

Startup 101 is the only Bay Area life science/healthcare entrepreneurship course. It is open to UCSF, UC Berkeley, Stanford and the Silicon Valley business community. The class teaches the basics of starting a life science/healthcare company and helps you determine if an idea has commercial potential. There are many guest lecturers from the Silicon Valley ecosystem, including serial entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs, investors, attorneys and consultants.  

Schedule: The 11-week course runs on Thursdays and some Mondays, from January 23 - April 9 at Mission Bay.  

Topics include: Customer Discovery, Opportunity Assessment, Business Models, Networking, Clinical/regulatory, Early stage funding, Reimbursement, Intellectual Property, Corporate Legal, Culture, Investors, Pitching, Team Building, Business Development and Finance. The class ends with a Pitch Night. 

Note: Alumni of UCSF/UCB are not current affiliates and must pay normal fees.

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