Outgoing Material Transfer Agreements for Non-Human Material

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is needed whenever a UCSF investigator sends materials out of UCSF. The Office of Technology Management (OTM) at Innovation Ventures can assist you with your outgoing MTA for non-human material.

Outgoing MTAs for non-human materials include transfers of mice, cell lines, plasmids, antibodies, bacteria, yeast, chemical compounds, and any other laboratory research materials. Immortalized human cell lines no longer associated with patient information can also be transferred through OTM. 

Contact [email protected] for assistance with your outgoing MTA for non-human materials.

For all other MTA requests please contact the Industry Contracts Division.

Do It Yourself

UCSF principal investigators can download and use non-profit MTA templates for transfers of their material to other non-profit institutions if all of the following criteria are met:

- The recipient institution is a non-profit academic research institution.

- The material to be transferred was developed in the providing PI's lab at UCSF.

- There are no third-party rights to the material.


1. Confirm that your transfer meets all of the criteria above. 

2. Download and fill in one of the outgoing MTA templates:

UBMTA Implementing Letter Template: To determine if the receiving institution accepts the UBMTA, check the master list.  

Non-Profit Outgoing MTA Template: Use this form for all non-profit institutions that do not accept the UBMTA.

3. Send the MTA draft to the requestor for review by their technology transfer office. Do not sign the MTA until after the recipient's technology transfer office has approved and signed the MTA.

4. If the recipient’s technology transfer office requests any changes to the MTA, send the request to [email protected] for review and approval. 

5. Once completed, send a copy of the executed MTA to [email protected].

If your outgoing MTA transfer does not meet the criteria for Do-It-Yourself Outgoing Non-Profit MTAs, contact [email protected] for assistance.