Pionyr Immunotherapeutics’ Phase 1a Study of TREM1-targeting Antibody PY159 for the Treatment of Solid Tumors Featured at ASCO 2023

 Pionyr Immunotherapeutics, a company developing first-in-class Myeloid Tuning antibody therapeutics that enhance the body’s antitumor immunity by altering, or “tuning,” immune cells within the tumor microenvironment, announced today that PY159, a monoclonal antibody targeting TREM1 (triggering receptor expressed on macrophages 1), was well-tolerated with signals of durable therapeutic activity in a Phase 1a dose-escalation study as a single agent and in combination with pembrolizumab. In 37 evaluable patients, two demonstrated partial responses and nine showed stable disease.

Pionyr's technology is built on the scientific technology developed by UCSF researcher Max Krummel, PhD.