NephroSant Launches Two-Year Study of 2,000 Kidney Transplant Recipients

 NephroSant, Inc. a biotechnology company dedicated to accelerating the assessment of early kidney damage with a mission to significantly improve global kidney health, announced the first patient has been enrolled into the Assessment of QSant™ for Underlying Allograft Rejection (AQUA) study. 

University of California researcher, and NephroSant's founder, Minnie Sarwal, MD, explained, "historically, it has been incredibly challenging to monitor the health of a kidney transplant recipient. Their alloimmunity can fluctuate rapidly, especially during the first few weeks following surgery. These fluctuations, which may signal an increased risk of a rejection event, can be missed by a routine biopsy or may evolve into an acute event between scheduled biopsies. A test like QSant has the potential to improve long-term outcomes through the accurate prediction of rejection events."