Global Online Entrepreneurship Class

Entrepreneurship for Life Sciences and Healthcare Startups
Master Class Direct from Silicon Valley

– Fall 2021 Cohort Enrollment Extended One Week to September 24 –


Dates and time commitment: 10 weeks -- September 29 - December 8, weekly 1.5-hour lectures, plus optional small group sessions


This course is a window into the world of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship, guided by the preeminent life sciences/medical institution, University of California San Francisco (UCSF).    The focus is on how to create new ventures that may impact human health at scale -- whether in therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics or digital health.

There is value for many different perspectives – current and potential life science/healthcare entrepreneurs,  scientists and clinicians who are exploring how to translate their ideas, people working in large companies who want to innovate, business and government leaders, investors exploring life science, international entrepreneurs who are targeting the US, participants in the innovation ecosystem and anyone who wants to understand how the Silicon Valley model works. The class provides a meeting point for people who wish to expand their professional networks or locate future co-founders, collaborators, investors, consultants or advisors that can help move an idea or venture to the next level.

Our guest lecturers from Silicon Valley are dedicated experts who live and breathe life sciences and medicine daily. They relate essential understanding about markets, teams, buyers, regulation, intellectual property, partnering and investment needed to succeed.  Successful entrepreneurs who have weathered the early startup days will share their insights.  Through these inputs, participants will learn what it takes to succeed in Silicon Valley and the startup world. 


You will gain the knowledge, insights and mindset to succeed in a startup.

  • Learn the basics of entrepreneurship in life sciences/healthcare
  • Discover how business can make or break your startup idea
  • Gain business knowledge and lexicon to balance a technical background
  • Learn how to translate a scientific or medical idea for commercialization
  • Access insider knowledge on how to build a startup and avoid mistakes
  • Develop insights into how investors make decisions
  • Interact real-time with experienced startup executives, mentors and investors
  • Build a strong network of global peers to share ideas and experiences

Silicon Valley insiders – Founders/CEOs, serial entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers and consultants -- zero in on ways they have guided startups to success. Our guest lecturers are practitioners who will help you understand the fundamental questions that a startup must address to create a viable business. You will learn the Silicon Valley mindset and investor requirements to obtain funding.  Drawing on this knowledge, you will take away actionable ideas to improve your chance for success.

Here’s what our students have to say –


I really enjoyed the course.  I’m going to recommend it to everyone I come across

Rajib Schubert, PhD

Senior Principal Scientist, Roche


I wish this class had been available before I joined a startup

Brent Sugimoto, MD, MPH

Founder and CMO, Decoded Health


The course is inspiring. I’ve learned from the speakers, the forums, and people’s stories

Malini Singh, MD, MPH, MBA

Clinical Professor, UCSF School of Medicine



This class gave me the essentials for my future career outside academia

Mirko Sadi, PhD Candidate

Institut Pasteur, Paris


The cast of experts was impressive.  The content is excellent, a great value

Monica Schmiede, MBA, MS

Director Business Development, Clinipace