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Entrepreneurship for Life Sciences and Healthcare Startups
Master Class Direct from Silicon Valley

Our Global Entrepreneurship Class Graduates its Third Cohort

Entrepreneurship for Life Science/Healthcare Startups:  Direct from Silicon Valley,  participants have explored life sciences/healthcare innovation from the vantage point of the world’s most successful startup ecosystem, Silicon Valley. We aim high, teaching people how to create new ventures to impact human health at scale.  Class members are entrepreneurs, scientists, clinicians, people working in startups, tech transfer executives, corporate managers, innovation ecosystem directors, investors, healthcare policymakers, federal government employees – all bound together by their common startup interest. Through this class, they experience a culture of openness and the free exchange of ideas that defines the Valley.


Global  Entrepreneurship Cohort Fall 2021
Global Entrepreneurship cohort Fall 2021


We value our global network and have over 300 alumni from 24 countries since starting our program in September 2020.



Our next global class is scheduled for Fall 2022. 

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Here’s what our students have to say –


I really enjoyed the course.  I’m going to recommend it to everyone I come across

Rajib Schubert, PhD

Senior Principal Scientist, Roche


I wish this class had been available before I joined a startup

Brent Sugimoto, MD, MPH

Founder and CMO, Decoded Health


The course is inspiring. I’ve learned from the speakers, the forums, and people’s stories

Malini Singh, MD, MPH, MBA

Clinical Professor, UCSF School of Medicine



This class gave me the essentials for my future career outside academia

Mirko Sadi, PhD Candidate

Institut Pasteur, Paris


The cast of experts was impressive.  The content is excellent, a great value

Monica Schmiede, MBA, MS

Director Business Development, Clinipace