EpiBiologics Raise $50M in Series A

Congratulations To Jim Wells Lab!
And all the faculty, grad students, and staff for their important work.


Congratulations to Jim Wells, Kata Pance, Josef Gramespacher, and the rest of the EpiBiologics team on their $50M Series A raise! The funding was co-led by Mubadala Capital and Polaris Partners, with participation from Vivo Capital and GV. EpiBiologics’ EpiTAC platform is based on work from the lab of UCSF’s Dr. Jim Wells. The company aims to target and degrade both membrane proteins and secreted proteins through the use of genetically encoded bifunctional antibodies with the goal of treating cancer and other diseases. We are so proud of EpiBiologics progress, especially in the current funding environment. UCSF is happy to partner with this talented and experienced team of researchers and investors. Thank you to Kristin Agopian from UCSF’s Office of Technology Management and Advancement for supporting this technology and partnership.