The Entrepreneurship Center
Impact Human Healthcare at Scale

UCSF is the birthplace of biotech, spawning innovators that have gone on to start Genentech, Chiron (now Novartis), and other industry giants. The University encourages entrepreneurship as an avenue for scientists and clinicians who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to have impact on human healthcare at scale.

The Entrepreneurship Center provides the knowledge, support and connections needed by scientists and clinicians to become entrepreneurs and start ventures. The Center has created an innovation ecosystem to enable commercialization of UCSF inventions through the startup route.

We support entrepreneurial interests in all areas of life science/healthcare including therapeutics, devices, diagnostics and digital health.  We offer a cluster of resources for entrepreneurs including entrepreneurship training, networks — an Entrepreneurs Club, Speaker Series and Founders Group — mentorship by the Silicon Valley business community and access to external resources such as accelerators and funding.