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The UCSF Entrepreneurship Center is a campus-wide resource that assists budding founders explore the commercial potential of their ideas. Through classes, workshops, mentorships, and networking events, we expose academics to the entrepreneurial experience, teaching researchers to vet their ideas for commercial potential and translate them into a business plan.

Beyond teaching, we help our students launch new ventures by connecting them with accelerators and funding sources as we continue to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem at UCSF. This includes over 200 mentors and advisors made up of founders, investors and experienced businesspeople, who counsel our startups and class teams.

As an inclusive, open program, we welcome participants from outside the UCSF community including UC Berkeley, Stanford and the business community. Bringing together a diverse group broadens our perspective and translates into a higher probability of success.

Whether you have decided to start a company or simply wish to explore the start-up culture, you will find the Entrepreneurship Center an invaluable resource.

My Startup 101 team committed to being ‘all in,’ and the results were outstanding.

Michelle Estrella MD, Co-Founder