Catalyst Awardees










Fall 2017


Spring 2017


Fall 2016


Spring 2016

  • Ying Han, PhD, MD A Novel Drainage Device to Reduce Fibrosis in Glaucoma Surgery
  • Caroline Jordan, PhD Micro Resonant Marker: A Novel Device for Catheter Visualization during Interventional MRI
  • Sunghoon Kim, MD A Novel Shunt for the Treatment of Hydrocephalus
  • Paul Marinec, PhD Enhancing the Delivery of Therapeutic Antibodies into RAS-Driven Tumor Cells
  • Holly Martin, MD Mobile Health Solution for Improved Neonatal Resuscitation: BREATH
  • Jyoti Mishra, PhD NeuroACE - a novel mobile mental health app for real-world neural and cognitive diagnostics
  • Corey Raffel, PhD, MD A Targeted Oncolytic Measles Virus for the Treatment of Many Tumor Types
  • Pierre Theodore, MD Otto: Digital Rehabilitation Device for Post-Stroke Motor Recovery
  • Adam Renslo, PhD Optimization and Biological Characterization of Novel Carbapenemase Inhibitors
  • Stanley Rogers, MD Esophageal Manometry for Airway Protection (EMAP): Medical device solution to decrease risk of aspiration and respiratory compromise in surgical candidates
  • Brian Shoichet, PhD A µ-opioid analgesic without respiratory depression & addictive liabilities
  • Ma Somsouk, MCR/MPH/MS, MD Transforming Technical Training through Individual Trainee Record and Competency Solution (iTRACS)


Fall 2015

  • Kamran Atabai, MD Commercializing the use of recombinant milk fat protein to increase the absorption of nutrients in malabsorption syndromes
  • Chelsea Bahney, PhD OsteoNova: a cartilage based alternative to bone grafting
  • Linda Franck, RN, PhD, FRCPCH, FAAN We3 Health: Improving Preterm Infant Outcomes with Family Integrated Care and Mobile Devices
  • Anthony Kim, MCR/MPH/MS, MD MissionControl-Stroke: Shared E-Checklist and Communications Platform for Time-Sensitive Code Stroke Response
  • Liviu Klein, MD, MS Novel, low-power, non-invasive pressure sensor for heart failure monitoring
  • Marc Levin, MD, PhD Small Molecule CFTR Activators for Dry Eye Therapy
  • Elyssa Margolis, PhD Developing delta opioid receptor agonists for the treatment of alcoholism
  • Hideho Okada, MD, PhD Novel Mutation-derived Neoantigen for T Cell Therapy in Gliomas
  • Donald McCarthy, PhD Commercialzing the use of recombinant Mfge8 to increase the absorption of nutrients in malabsorption syndromes
  • Rada Savic, PharmD, PhD Ensemble modeling & simulation for precision dosing of biologics
  • John Shepherd, PhD The Selfie as a monitor of healthy body composition
  • Michael Shlipak, MD, MPH The Intelligent Dipstick
  • Danielle Schlosser, PhD Evaluating the feasibility of scaling PRIME-d, a novel mobile platform to treat individuals with depression in the healthcare system
  • Insoo Suh, MD Lamprey Surgical Instrument
  • Alan Verkman, MD, PhD Small-molecule CFTR Activators for Treatment of Constipation


Spring 2015


Fall 2014

  • Anupama Arun, PhD SmartBrace: Remote Monitoring of Patient Compliance and Treatment Efficacy for Medical Devices
  • Tejal Desai, PhD Nano-Engineered, Non-Thrombotic Vascular Grafts
  • Robert Flavell, MD, PhD Agents for Positron Emission Tomography Sensing of Acidic Tumoral Microenvironment
  • Hobart Harris, MD Prevention of Incisional Hernias
  • Allison Kaup, PhD NeuroBloom: Development of User Testing of a 'Mobile Senior Center' App to Promote Cognitive Health and Overall Well-being in Older Adulthood
  • Bin Liu, PhD Development of an Antibody Drug Conjugate into a Potent and Selective Anti-cancer Therapeutic
  • Ngoc Ly, MD, MPH Spiritus Mobile: A Portable Device to Monitor and Track Lung Function and Promote Asthma Self-Management
  • Stephen Nishimura, MD Targeting of Integrin-Mediated TGF-β Activation for Fibroinflammatory Disorders with Engineered Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Jean Pouliot, PhD and Josephine Chen, PhD AUTOmated Deformable Image Registration Evaluation of Confidence Tool (AUTODIRECT)
  • Shuvo Roy, PhD High-Efficiency External Ambulatory Lung (HEAL)
  • Elliott Sherr, MD, PhD Development of a Blood-Based Biomarker for Autism
  • Laura van ‘t Veer, PhD, Jean-Philippe Coppe, PhD Functional Detection of the Targetable Oncogenic Kinome of Cancer
  • Benjamin Yeh, MD Biphasic Enteric CT Contrast Agents
  • David Young, MD Detecting Pressure Ulcers Using Non-Invasive Impedance Mapping
  • Ling Zhan, DDS, PhD Salivary Screening to Identify High-Caries-Risk Children
  • Corinna Zygourakis, MD TrueDoc: Development of a Doctor-Focused Mobile App that Decreases Medical Costs


Spring 2014

  • Scott Baraban, PhD Zebrafish as a Model for Drug Discovery in Epilepsy
  • Charles Chiu, MD, PhD Clinical Validation of a Multiplexed Diagnostic Assay for Lyme Disease and Other Tickborne Illnesses During Acute Infection
  • Ellyn Cohen, PhD Development of a Mobile Application for Increasing Access to UCSF Clinical Trials
  • Pamela England, PhD Small Molecules Targeting Parkinson’s Disease
  • Michael Evans, PhD Synthesis and Evaluation of Radioligands targeting the glucocorticoid receptor in Enzalutamide resistant prostate cancer
  • Michael Harrison, MD MagnaGrasp: Proof of Concept Validation of a Detachable, Adjustable, Magnetically Anchored Grasper for Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Xiao Hu, PhD Prospective Validation of SuperAlarm Technology and Development of the Infrastructure necessary to support a Clinical Trial
  • Ron Keizer, PhD Cloud-Based Dose-Individualization of Busulfan in Children
  • Marc Levin, MD, PhD Small Molecule Therapy for Dry Eye Therapy
  • Michael Matthay, MD Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Biologics for Treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  • Catherine Park, MD A Real-Time Intraoperative Fluorescent Imager for Microscopic Residual Tumor
  • Lei Stanley Qi A Novel Epigenetic Therapeutic Strategy For Treating Beta-Thalassemia
  • Jeroen Roose, PhD Development of a Diagnostic Biomarker for Colorectal Cancer
  • Rebecca Sudore, MD A Novel Website to Preparing Diverse Older Adults for Medical Decision Making
  • Laura van't Veer, PhD Functional Detection of the Targetable Oncogenic Kinome in Cancer
  • Lin Ye, PhD Development of Functional Cure of HIV-1 Infection Using Gene Modification in Patient’s Own Hematopoietic Stem Progenitor Cells


Fall 2013

  • Adam Abate, PhD PACS: PCR-activated cell sorting
  • Aditi Bhargava, PhD Delivery Challenges in Developing New Treatments for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • Jason Gestwicki, PhD Non-Surgical Treatment for Cataract
  • Roeland Hancock, PhD Early Mobile Screening for Reading Disorder Risk
  • John Kane, PhD Development of a Blood test for Imminent Acute Cardiac and Cerebrovascular Events
  • Ron Keizer, PhD Cloud-Based Dose-Individualization of Busulfan in Children
  • Hanmin Lee, MD SmartDerm: A Monitoring System for Decubitus Ulcer Prevention
  • Holly Martin, MD BREATH: Baby Resuscitation Enhanced - A Tech Helper
  • Sima Suhas Pendharkar, MD, MPH Health Passport: A Passport to Wellness (A Digital Patient/Physician Communications Tool)
  • Travis Porco, PhD Computer vision assessment of trachoma photographs
  • Jean Pouliot, PhD AUTOmated Deformable Image Registration Evaluation of Confidence Tool (AUTODIRECT)


Spring 2013


Fall 2012

  • Adam Abate, PhD Detection and molecular profiling of cancer cells with Megadroplet Arrays
  • Nancy Boudreau, PhD Topical HoxA5 gene therapy for Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Jonah Chan, PhD A Binary Indicant of Myelination using Micropillar Arrays: A high-throughput screening platform for identifying remyelination therapeutics for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Michael Conte, MD Pro-Resolving Vascular Devices
  • Brian Feeley, MD Affordable 3-Dimensional Motion Analysis to Evaluate Lower Extremity Injury Risk
  • John Gross, PhD Inhibition of HIV infectivity by targeting the Ubiquitin Proteasome System
  • Michael Harrison, MD Amnioseal: Preventing premature birth in fetal intervention
  • Roberta Keller, MD Antenatal sildenafil to prevent neonatal pulmonary hypertension in severe fetal diaphragmatic hernia
  • Ngoc Ly MPH, MD Promoting Asthma Self-Management through an Interactive AsthmaMD Mobile App
  • Mary Nakamura, MD A Recombinant Fusion Protein that redirects VEGF to actively kill cancer cells: R1FasL
  • Yong Pang, PhD Quantitative Assessment of Liver Fat using Fast MR Imaging and 8-Channel Microstrip Coil Array
  • Catherine Park, MD Development of a Real-Time Intraoperative Fluorescent Imager for Microscopic Residual Tumor
  • Anand Patel, MD Intravenous Chemotherapy Filter: A Novel Device for High Dose Chemotherapy Delivery During Transarterial Chemoembolization
  • Jayant Rajan, MD Estimation of the prevalence of chronic disease in an urban slum population in Brazil using a mobile computing platform
  • Shuvo Roy, PhD Enabling the Feasibility Demonstration of a Bioartificial Pancreas
  • Marshall Stoller, MDHerman Bagga, MD, and Aenor Sawyer, MD A Novel Device to Promote Ambulation of the Hospitalized Patient
  • Naomi Stotland, MD Pregnancy Weight Gain Coach—A Smartphone App
  • Leslee Subak, MD Novel mHealth app and embedded platforms (wearable devices) for urinary incontinence treatment and research
  • Francis Szoka, PhD Oral and Pulmonary Delivery of Proteins
  • Lili Zhou, PhD Novel strategies to predict and enhance the activity of natural killer cells against Multiple Myeloma


Spring 2012

  • Aaron Neinstein, MD, and Jenise Wong, MD, PhD Diabetes 3.0
  • Conor Caffrey, PhD Developing a new chemotherapeutic for treatment of the neglected tropical disease, schistosomiasis
  • John Chorba, MD Targeting the serine protease PCSK9 via covalent complementarity
  • Charles Craik, PhD Validation of KSHV protease as a therapeutic target through allosteric inhibition
  • Tejal Desai, PhD Nanoengineered thin film devices for ocular drug delivery
  • John Fahy, MD Modified carbohydrate derivatives as novel reducing agents for the treatment of pathologic mucus in acute and chronic airway disease.
  • Ari Green, MD Retinal imaging of amyloid-beta as a screening tool for glaucoma and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Wolfgang Korn, MD Development of a predictive marker for sensitivity to treatment with MEK and EGFR
  • Peder Larson, PhD Simultaneous Perfusion and metabolic imaging in a prostate cancer
  • Robin Shaw MD, PhD A novel biomarker for heart failure based on cardiomyocyte biology
  • Jay Stewart, MD A novel photodynamic therapy for the treatment of infectious keratitis
  • Ashley Ward, MD Targeting hyperactive Ras with kinase inhibitors in juvenile myelomonocytic


Fall 2011

  • Adam Abate, PhD Robust detection and genotyping of rare circulating tumor cells in human blood
  • Christopher Barnett, MD, MPH Evaluation of the acute hemodynamic effects of dark chocolate in patients with WHO Group I pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • Aditi Bhargava, PhD Targeted delivery of RNAi molecules for treatment of neuronal pathophysiologies
  • Hobart Harris, MD Prevention of incisional hernias
  • Michael Matthay, MD Allogeneic human mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of human acute lung injury
  • Synthia Mellon, PhD Neurosteroids as therapeutics for brain disorders
  • Robert Messing, MD Discovery of a PKC epsilon-selective inhibitor to treat pain
  • Mary Nakamura, MD Recombinant fusion proteins that redirect VEGF to actively kill cancer cells: R1FasL and R1TRAIL
  • Douglas Nixon, MD, PhD Herv antibodies and breast cancer
  • Mark Wilson, MD Catheter-directed tissue ablation in the interventional MRI environment
  • Yvonne Wu, MD, MPH Neonatal erythropoietin in asphyxiated term infants
  • Iwei Yeh, MD, PhD Droplet digital PCR detection of circulating melanoma DNA—detecting early metastasis and progression in the age of targeted therapy


Spring 2011

  • Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD Development of integrated physical and cognitive therapeutic software
  • Lily Jan, PhD Novel blockers of TMEM16A-CaCC calcium-activated chloride channels for asthma treatment
  • Jay Nadel, MD Use of EGFR inhibitors in the treatment of respiratory viral infections including virus-induced asthma exacerbations
  • Douglas Nixon, MD, PhD A monoclonal antibody to cure HIV-1 infection
  • Michael Page, PhD In vivo diagnostics for cardiovascular disease
  • Paul Simpson, MD Treatment of cardiomyopathy and heart failure
  • Louise Swainson, PhD The use of synthetic peptidoglycan-peptide conjugates for the induction of antigen-specific tolerance in autoimmune disease


Fall 2010

  • Anthony Luke, MD Validation of the RunSafe: 2-Dimensional gait analysis method with gold standard 3-Dimensional biomechanical analysis
  • Daniel Schwartz, MD Use of phase contrast OCT for imaging the human retinal vasculature
  • Qizhi Tang, PhD Manufacturing donor-specific regulatory T cells


Spring 2010