Natalie Greco, PhD

Licensing Associate
Office of Technology Management
+ 1 773 331-5931

Natalie's interest in disease prevention, therapeutics, and public health motivated her to obtain a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Pathology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. These interests also drove her decision to shift into a career in technology transfer. Natalie takes pride in knowing that she is impacting public health by facilitating the development of biomedical technologies through licensing and intellectual property management.

As a Licensing Associate in the Office of Technology Management, Natalie contributes to a variety of intellectual property, technology licensing, and technology transfer activities. She assists in the evaluation of inventions, prosecution of patents, marketing of technologies, and licensing of intellectual property and research tools.

Before joining the Technology Management team at UCSF, Natalie worked at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases - Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Office. At the NIH, Natalie drafted and negotiated a variety of agreements, including license agreements and collaboration agreements. She also worked closely with investigators to protect and commercialize their inventions, and fostered relationships with industry partners interested in further developing vaccine candidates and therapeutics discovered at the NIH.