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Entrepreneurship Center


We have recruited successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, consultants and other experts who donate their time to help our entrepreneurial teams in line with Silicon Valley’s “pay it forward” culture. Studies have shown that mentorship is one of the most important ingredients for entrepreneurial success. Our mentors may be attached to a class team and spend time weekly to guide them.  Teams that graduate from a class and decide to progress with their startup can be paired with a longer term mentor. See our mentors.


The Entrepreneurship Center has recruited life science/healthcare experts with specialized knowledge important to startups such as IP, regulatory, investment, finance, marketing and human resources; as well as general management experience.  Advisors come from all the sectors of life science/healthcare — therapeutics, digital health, diagnostics and devices.  Any UCSF startup can request help from an advisor through the Entrepreneurship Center. See our advisors.


UCSF Catalyst Program 


The Catalyst program offers customized mentorship and advice to UCSF Catalyst projects in consultation phase of the Catalyst and Catalyst + programs.

We have in excess of 200 advisers from all aspects of therapeutics, devices, diagnostics and digital health development. In particular our advisors focus on the development of industry standard data and IP packages which will support discussions with potential investors and partners. We also support pitch development.

Contact us for more information on becoming a Catalyst Advisor:

Charles P. Hart
[email protected]